School Assembly Program

Freespace Dance maintains that an arts education is essential to a young person’s academic development because it engages students visually, aurally, and physically. Our assembly program is designed to teach students about dance as an art form while keeping with the NJ Content Standards in Dance. Artistic Director Donna Scro explains how simple everyday things can inspire choreography by using examples that children recognize or interact with regularly such as shapes, numbers, patterns, group and family dynamics, as well as creatures and critters found in nature.

Our company members will engage your young audience through interaction, getting young movers on their feet, and posing questions that stimulate the imagination. Basic composition/choreographic skills are introduced for the youngest of audiences, and explored in a more in-depth manner with older grades. Students are thus encouraged to find their own inspiration and create dances and dance ideas that could be later further explored in the classroom.

Fees for Freespace Dance assembly programs are as follows:
$1200 – one 45 minute performance
$1700 – two 45 minute performances

For Study Guide and Student Activities, contact Managing Director Lisa Grimes.