Patron Services

Freespace Dance's commitment to the spirit of ADA is evidenced by our efforts to fulfill our mission to expand the appreciation and understanding of modern dance as an art form for ALL audiences, and students/participants, regardless of ability. Freespace works to ensure that accessibility is a critical component of its programs and services, and that all may have equal access to our performances and programs.   

Freespace Dance does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission or access to, treatment of or employment in, its services, programs or activities. Upon request, accommodation will be provided to enable individuals with disabilities to participate in services, programs and activities. While the above laws mandate equal access to people with disabilities, Freespace Dance makes it a priority to establish a work place and environment that embraces the spirit of the law ensuring an optimal experience for all. Freespace Dance has a small administrative staff and does not have formal employment applications. When advertising a vacant position, Freespace Dance states in all job descriptions that the company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are prepared to offer reading and writing assistance to any applicant who requests it. Job information is also made available electronically via e-mail, on our website, as well as in large print.

Access Freespace Dance's Grievance Procedure here.

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Freespace Dance shall be mindful at all times of maintaining diversity in its staffing, and in shaping the membership of its Company and Board of Trustees. It shall ensure that all volunteers and staff are fully trained and sensitive to the needs of its patrons and shall seek to secure performance and rehearsal facilities that are completely accessible to artists, students, and audiences.