photo © Daniel Hedden

photo © Daniel Hedden

“Human relationships are the focus of Donna Scro
and her Freespace Dance company.”
— New York Times

This dancemaker seizes an audiences attention annd pulls viewers into her space with works that can be gentle or physically aggressive, but are always profoundly sexy.
— Robert Johnson, Star Ledger
Wonderful moments were achieved in the dancers’ upright inter-twining in twos that moved like one body.
— Attitude

“The artistic director of Freespace Dance seems
destined to attract a wider public…”
—Robert Johnson, Star Ledger

Acrobatic entanglements
— The New York Times
Donna Scro is a dancer whose love of dance is absolutely infectious.
— The Dance Insider

“In all of Donna Scro’s pieces a recognizable human element surface wordlessly and goes straight to the heart.”— The Star Ledger